Migration – An open call by An Indian Summer festival for the AIS OPEN

Following on from the inaugural AIS Open last year which had the theme Freedom, AIS are exploring the freedom of movement. The theme for AIS Open: Women Behind the Lens, is Migration.

Artists are invited to submit work exploring the theme of Migration and what it means to have or not have freedom of movement in today’s world. The exhibition will be curated by Sebah Chaudhry with a panel of experts and festival stakeholders.

Inspired by the migration of South Asian communities, the exhibition aims to explore what freedom of movement means. How does migration affect individuals and communities and how do different societies respond to the movement of people from one location to another? What are the reasons for migration and what are the freedoms and restrictions that may be associated with it?

As the Covid-19 crisis has forced us into isolation and taken away many freedoms globally, does this force us to understand and appreciate freedom of movement differently?

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