n.paradoxa international feminist journal: call for papers

n.paradoxa publishes the work of women writers, critics, artists and curators on the work of contemporary women artists from anywhere in the world. The aim of this journal is to rethink the local and specific in relation to the national, international and global dynamics of art today and to promote new directions in feminist research and scholarship about women’s art practices in the field of contemporary art.

The journal encourages work which is comparative, transnational, multi-generational and explores nationalism(s) and discriminations of all kinds beyond and including those created by ethnicity, class, sexuality, racism and sexism (now commonly referred to as intersectionality). n.paradoxa publishes articles which explore more than one work or one artist and offer in-depth comparative analysis.

Articles are commissioned through negotiation with the editor: Katy Deepwell. Women/Feminist Scholars are invited to send (more than one month in advance of the copy deadline) an outline (1-2 paragraphs) and a short resume (1 page only). Please also outline the relation of your proposal to the theme of a particular volume. Do not send finished articles before negotiation with the editor. Articles are published in print and in PDF format.

Volume 39 (Jan 2017) Organisations/Organising

(Copy deadline: 1 November 2016, publication date: Jan 2017)

Volume 40 (July 2017) Ends and Beginnings

(Copy deadline: 1 May 2017, publication date: July 2017)

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