The BBZ BLK BK: Alternative Graduation Show.

The BBZ BLK BK: Alternative Graduation Show.

A group show of recently graduated artists from practice based degrees who identify as queer womxn, trans & non-binary people of Black Ancestry.

 Our submissions are open until June 15th and you can check out this amazing article by KUCHENGA on i-D which gives you an in-depth overview.

Below is a brief description of the show:

BBZ BLK BK will platform 10 artists at Copeland Gallery in July 2018. BBZ and SYFU believe that the commitment and passion of artists who are black and queer deserves to be celebrated. Our intention is to provide a space for artists to be their fullest selves in the presentation of their work, and for audiences to view their work in a space that does not pathologize or Other their identities. The show asks both what it means for the artists to identify as they do and also what the qualities of the work are beyond its Blackness and its Queerness. Who is the artist when they are able to be seen as themselves?

If you could kindly share the Article and/or assets with your networks, either on your socials, newsletters or personal email it would be greatly appreciated. The submissions are UK wide so the further the better.

We are still looking additional sponsorship and support with the event so if you would like to contribute in any way we would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and look forward to seeing you at the private view on the 18th July 7pm till 11pm (drop me a message if you’re able to attend).

It’s going to be special.

 Many Thanks,

Imani, Naeem, Tia & Rabz