Image: Installation of 'Light Years: The Photographers’ Gallery at 50', 2021. Image credit: Kate Elliott. More information can be found:

Collaborative project with The Photographers’ Gallery (London, UK)

Using History, builds on the recent project Enter the Archive and our 72-page Manifesto Report which charts the position of women in photography in the UK. We will be working, over the next six months, with the team at The Photographers’ Gallery in London, one of the world’s most significant spaces for showing photography, to explore their archive and investigate how women photographers have been exposed through the gallery’s programming over the last fifty years. Archivist Kathryn Tollervey will undertake the research at the gallery.

Using History will enable research into the recent history of exhibitions (dating back to the 1980s and to include the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize), talks and other programmed events at the gallery and aims to highlight the opportunities given to women in photography over the last 50 years, investigating to what extent women have been supported.

The findings from Using History will be used by The Photographers’ Gallery to inform their future planning and to promote equality and diversity in the next years of the exhibitions and education programmes. At the end of the project a report and a draft article will be produced and we will be looking at future funding to support new propositions arising from the research.

Using the report produced through this project, we intend to work together to develop innovative ideas regarding representation of women photographers. The research will enable us to consider who is represented and how the photographers and the institution engage with each other, and how this can create new projects that embrace collaboration between audiences and producers.

It is vital that all UK institutions that exhibit and collect photography have an awareness of equality and diversity in relation to programming and accessibility. Using History will bring to light significant and previously unpublicised information about the place of women photographers in the history of The Photographers’ Gallery activity.