Dafna Talmor

Constructed Landscapes

Published by Fw:books

Many photobooks are labours of love, long term projects which are eventually encapsulated in book form. Dafna Talmor’s new photobook is one such project. Developed over more than a decade Constructed Landscapes brings together an evolving body of work exploring landscape, place and abstraction. Talmor utilises her vast archive to construct staged landscaped by collaging medium format negative, creating a series of non-places devoid of specificity of place, politics and memory. Alongside the finished images the book bravely reveals that which usually remains hidden, the working process which takes place to make the ‘finished’ work. This generous addition gives the reader an insight into the photographic process and a rare glimpse into an artist’s artistic development.

Alongside Talmor’s images this book also includes contributions by Olga Smith, Shoair Mavlian, Cherry Smyth and interview by Gemma Padley.