Series One

Episode 4: Putting Ourselves in The Picture, Part One

In the next three episodes Anna Fox and Maria Kapajeva introduce their recent project Putting Ourselves in The Picture, which was run collaboratively with 5 partner organisations in London, Bradford, Edinburgh and online. The project was set to work with three groups of marginalised women, who are refugees and migrants, to teach them photographic skills, to increase their confidence and to give them an opportunity to share their stories and through this process educate us all. In this episode we are getting inside information about the process of the workshops and the participants’ impressions of their experience at National Galleries of Scotland and at Impressions Gallery.

Voices in this episode:

Anne Lyden, Chief Curator of Photography at National Galleries of Scotland

Sam Rutherford, Artist

Wendy McMurdo, Artist

Jane Hiley, Visitor Services and Bookshop Manager at Impressions Gallery

Carolyn Mendelsohn, Photographer and Filmmaker

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