#Rebel Selves at Left Bank, Leeds

Dawn Woolley, 2023 #Rebel Selves (studio2)

Dawn Wolley’s #Rebel Selves installation is something between a stage set for an absurdist play, a hall of mirrors, and an exploded 3-dimensional photograph. Masks, garments, and props scatter the space, inviting visitors to play different characters and create queer selfies.

In the porch gallery space, Woolley will show a series of #Rebel self-portrait photographs. During the exhibition Woolley will create new self-portraits in the installation and share them online using #RebelSelves and #RebelSelfie.

If you can’t make the launch and plan on visiting the exhibition, please check our calendar before visiting as we are often closed for private events over the weekends.

For more information about the exhibtion and related events please go to the direct link.