Resist: be modern (again) | Performance, Publication and Talks

Curated by Alice Maude-Roxby and Stefanie Seibold, Resist: be modern (again) at John Hansard Gallery explores the practices of women artists, designers and writers of the 1920s and 30s through the work of contemporary artists.

These early pioneering women were important ground breakers for their time, many of their ideas are reverberating until today. Their battles against social conventions and aesthetic dogmas paved the way for today’s understanding of an expanded field of art, as well as for contemporary personal freedoms.

Resist: be modern (again) looks back at these revolutionary art, design, performative and written practices. Using the lens of contemporary art, theory and design, the exhibition highlights the importance and influence of these long-lost early avant-garde practices into the present.

Resist: be modern (again) showcases collaborations between women who, due to either gender, sexuality or ethnicity, have been censored out, devalued or marginalised over time. This exhibition brings their practice and contribution out of the archives and into the foreground. Contemporary artists reactivate and represent these early practices through mapping, transcribing, sampling, referencing, reciting, re-telling or re-making, reclaiming their lasting value and importance for today’s art world and beyond.

This event will focus on some of the themes of the exhibition and will include an afternoon of performance, artist talk, screening and an in conversation event including artists Riet Wijnen, Gillian Wylde, Alice Maude-Roxby and Stefanie Seibold, followed by a drinks reception.

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