SHE / HER / HERS / HERSELF at Belfast Exposed

Video still from She/Her/Hers/Herself (2017-2022 by Anthony Luvera

In February 2023, Belfast Exposed presents an exhibition of new work by the socially engaged artist Anthony Luvera, She / Her / Hers / Herself.

The culmination of a five-year collaboration between Luvera and a participant named Sarah Wilson, She / Her / Hers / Herselfexplores one individual’s experience as they navigate their transgender identity. The work charts wide-ranging changes in Sarah’s life, as she establishes a career as a beautician, passes a series of personal milestones and lives day-to-day while learning to express her true self.

She / Her / Hers / Herself not only provides an intimate portrait of Sarah’s life and experiences, it also represents the evolving expression of Sarah’s femininity set against the social construction of what it is to be female in the contemporary world.

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