UNA Y OTRA / ONE AND ANOTHER exhibition in Bogota, Colombia


Curator: Rodrigo Orrantia

Espacio El Dorado 

Carrera 5 # 26C – 40

Bogotá Colombia

Opening: Saturday 22 April

April-May 2017

This exhibition brings together the recent work of women artists who work with photography and video around the theme of identity and place. In the contemporary scene it is important to understand the individual image as the origin of collective and national identities. This exhibition emphasises on a type of identity, which is communicated to the world by means of visual codes: to recognize oneself as ‘one’ entails the need to separate from the ‘other’.

The exhibition is composed of four different areas in an intricate dialogue with each other. The main room is dedicated to recent projects by Fotomeraki –a Colombian photography collective- on occasion of the launch of their third book, this time dedicated to women photographers. From the photographers in the book, the room brings together the work of Carolina Bedoya, Julia Bejarano, Juanita Escobar, Daniella Benedetti, Nathalie Guio and Victoria Holguín.

A second room presents a selection of works from the collection of Jose Darío Gutiérrez, director of Espacio El Dorado and Proyecto Bachué. These works propose a historical reflection on the theme of feminine identity and have been specially selected for this exhibition in collaboration with curator Valentina Gutiérrez.

The video room presents an international selection of photographic and video projects, of women artists of multiple nationalities working around the theme of the exhibition and the different narrative threads that emerge from it. The selection includes projects by Olivia Arthur (UK), Katya Anchevskaya (Russia), Briony Campbell (UK), Carlotta Cardana (Italy), Ania Dabrowska (Poland), Lydia Goldblatt (UK), Miho Kajioka (Japan), Maria Kapajeva (Estonia), Laura Pannack (UK) and Jennifer Pattison (UK).

The final room presents a selection of images from the ‘Pepe’ series by guest artist Bronia Stewart (UK). This series is part of her recent work on individual and group identity, living with a gang in Chalco on the outskirts of Mexico D.F and especially with one of his bosses, Pepe Torreblanco. Through the images of Stewart we enter a world that seems familiar, but at the same time distant. The images in this series allow us to analyse the places and the appearance of people with the necessary calm to investigate the visual codes that make up not only their individual identity but also a particular social and cultural context.

The different stories in this exhibition address identity as an idea in constant flux, an image that is renewed again and again. Thus ‘one’ and ‘other’ are different, but they are also the same in a constant search for meaning.