We, Women

We, Women, the largest social impact photography project by women and gender nonconforming artists, is currently underway across the United States. This project unravels the legacy of power structures constructed and maintained through decades of “othering” through imagery. Further, We, Women showcases an inclusive approach to photography, demonstrating that agency and social change happen when collaboration and community engagement are central in a photographer’s practice.

Born out of frustration over the country’s deep political divisions across issues of economics, race, gender, and beyond, We, Women fosters action and dialogue. Our artists create images collaboratively, visualize underrepresented experiences, and amplify existing grassroots organizing around our country’s most pressing issues.

As one sweeping narrative, this traveling exhibition, The Power of We, maps shared experiences across geography and demographics. Collectively, these projects demonstrate that we as individuals and as communities can envision a different future for this country: to unleash the power of “we.”

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