WOMEN ON THE MOVE at f³ – space for photography, Berlin

© Justyna Mielnikiewicz



September 9, 2022 — November 6, 2022

With works by:  Maria Kapajeva, Natalia Kepesz, Justyna Mielnikiewicz, Oksana Parafeniuk, Alicja Rogalska, Violetta Savchits, Elena Subach, Agata Szymanska-Medina, Tatsiana Tkachova

Femen  in Ukraine,  Pussy Riot  in Russia, the 2020 women’s marches in Belarus and the fights against the abortion paragraph in Poland: something is happening in Eastern Europe. For years, women have been drawing attention to themselves with political protests and high-profile campaigns. They are perceived internationally as political actors and break through the traditional clichés of women as workers, mothers or sex objects.

Women in Eastern Europe have their own history of socialization behind them: for more than forty years under communism they were considered equal – but mostly the sole responsibility for housework and raising children was added to gainful employment. Strongly defined gender roles in everyday life seem incompatible with the self-image of a new generation of women. The stereotypes are beginning to falter today, at least in motion. How do these women see themselves? How do we see them?

In the exhibition ‘Women on the Move’, nine photographers document   socio-political changes as well as individual experiences in their countries of origin. Her works take a differentiated look at the current situation and the historical legacy of women in Eastern Europe.

The exhibition was curated by Miriam Zlobinski , Visual Historian.

Photography: © Justyna Mielnikiewicz