Che Fei, Deborah Kaple,Jiang Jun,Wang Hongzhe,Yang Beichen Zhao Song,Hans Ulrich Obrist,Joseph Constable,Rebecca Lewin


Published by The Pavilion, Serpentine Galleries

Chinese mid-career artist Cao Fei’s “HX” is one of her most ambitious projects so far that transfer her studio,the former Hongxia Theatre located in 798 art district as a new stage of art creation. This velvet covered artist book reveals the hidden histories of Hongxia under social changes in China over the last 8 decades. The HX’s matrix  lies in its images that compiled in the form of an ‘atlas’:archives from different sources,document photographs of Hongxia building, screenshots from her Nova project and such. This artist/photo book integrated Cao Fei’s recent practices in photography, film,digital media and performance,as editors put,transcends the significance of the HX project itself. It expands to a wider consideration of the past and its relationship to our contemporary world.