Project Category: Mentorship Programme - China

Chen ZiQui

ZiQui is interested in the city as an oranised space, a controlled space and a fantasy space. In her seires Heaven on the ground she visits a famous Chinese street and recreates it as a fictional space from history. Her interests are in the desire, we have, for a utopia and she explores theories Read More

Zhou Yang

Zhou is currently in Shanghai two major projects: Fading, a photo book about her grandma’s Alzheimer’s Disease, bridging her lost memory and the life with the disease; and How to Grow Old, portraits and quotes of average elderly citizens of Shanghai. Horrified by her witnessing of her grandparents’ aging, she tried to explore the Read More

Yunya Yin

Yin’s long term project, Imaginary Adolescence, finds a space in which to explore the boundaries between fact and fiction in documentary photography. Yin explores the unreal quality of life on the cusp of adulthood; the intensity, the nonchalance, the sense of anticipation. to make vivid this condition, Yin uses colour to inject drama into Read More

Yue Wu

Yue Wu is photojournalist and documentary filmmaker, based in Shanghai and Chongqing, China. Yue’s work is focussed on ordinary people and their stories in fast-speed developing China. 

This project looks at a hotel that was formerly an infamous brothel that has now been transformed into an old peoples’ home.

Gan Yingying

Yingying’s work focuses on the question of personal identity in relation to new surroundings. One of her main projects, Disorientation, casts a light upon Asian overseas student’s life. Yingying blends both fiction and reality in her staged work and in the images below she is exploring the idea of identity and the mask. By Read More

Wang Yingying

Yingyings project titled, Where my Heart Settles Down is a personal journey back to her birthplace that her mother and father lived she says of this journey:

“Since the divorce of my parents when I was little and the estrangement between my father and me, my only impression of my family when it was Read More

Tian DingDing

Tian DingDing is interested in identity and more particularly the blurring between make and female identity that many people now want to explore. Her subjects are often about everyday objects, sexual minorities and photography itself. In addition to focusing photography on the object of observation, she is also exploring the relationship between the presentation Read More

Meng Xiaohua

The Park is the largest park in Meng’s hometown. It is close to downtown yet brings the natural feelings within mountains. That is why local people love being there. There is great difference between these city parks and the National Parks in Ansel Adams’s photos. As a public space fit for citizens’ to enjoy Read More

Gu ChenChen

ChenChen’s work is concerned with the painful and often excessive search for beauty that many women are persuaded to put themselves through. She uses the tropes of advertising and fashion photography and create a twist to the story that is intended to highlight ideas to do with the cruelty women have experienced in order Read More

Jiang Feiran

Jiang Feiran’s practice is often restored as an ongoing process of exploration, reflection, and

research on her own life experiences. Her early experimental film shorts focus on the difference between perceptions of others toward oneself and one’s self-awareness. Since 2012, she began to search the possibility of addressing female’s identities and power relationships within Read More